List of Antibiotics

"Antibiotic" stems from the Greek word anti, which means "against" and the word bios, which means "life." Since bacteria is a form of life, it seems that these medications have been properly named. Some refer to antibiotics as antibacterials, but you just need to know that they are used for the treatment of infections that are caused from bacteria. Unlike viruses, bacteria are actually tiny organisms that have the potential to cause illnesses in animals and humans. One bacteria is called a bacterium.

Most of the time, our immune systems can destroy bacteria before they have the chance to cause symptoms by multiplying. Our white blood cells often attack the harmful bacteria and keep us healthy. Even when symptoms do exist, our immune systems can often fight and heal from infections. There are some times when our bodies need help to fight infections and that's when we take antibiotics.

What do antibiotics treat?

Antibiotics are often used to treat infections that have been caused from bacteria. Antibiotics work by targeting bacteria, parasites and fungi. Keep in mind that antibiotics cannot work to treat viruses. You should know what your infection is caused from: bacteria or virus. Most of the upper respiratory infections like sore throats, flu and a common cold are usually caused from viruses, so antibiotics won't work to treat them.

When antibiotics are taken too often or are not taken correctly it is possible that the bacteria will develop the ability to resist them. This makes the antibiotics less effective against the harmful bacteria.

Broad spectrum antibiotics are often used for the treatment of many different types of infections, but there are some narrow spectrum antibiotics that are only used to treat a few kinds of bacteria. Some antibiotics attack only aerobic bacteria and others fight the anaerobic bacteria. Bacteria that are aerobic need oxygen to survive, and bacteria that are anaerobic do not.

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