List of Cholesterol Medications

Once in a while, it is recommended that a person take medication to control the cholesterol in conjunction with a diet that is low in refined carbohydrates, saturated fats and high in fiber to help lower the cholesterol levels.
Your cells need cholesterol; it is an essential part of them and can also serve to create some of the hormones in the body. Our livers will fill our body's needs for cholesterol, so when we get more of it from our diets, such as in milk, meat, and eggs the result can be high cholesterol that can cause a higher risk of coronary artery disease.
The first type of treatment for high cholesterol is to change the diet. Eliminating trans fats, lowering saturated fats and eating plenty of seeds, nuts, vegetables and fruits is recommended. Establishing an exercise routine is also essential. For some these changes will work and for others, they might not. For those who don't notice results with lifestyle changes alone, it may be necessary to take medications in addition to the changes to the lifestyle.

Drugs that lower Cholesterol include:

  • Cholesterol absorption inhibitors
  • Statins
  • Niacin
  • Bile-acid resins
  • Fibric acid derivatives
Medications to help lower cholesterol are most effective when taken in conjunction with exercise and healthy diet.

Potential Side Effects of Cholesterol Medications

Potential side effects of medications to lower cholesterol might include:
  • Flushing with nicotinic acid
  • Achy muscles
  • Abnormal function of the liver
  • Skin rashes and other allergic reactions
  • Heartburn
  • Dizziness
  • Pain in the abdomen
  • Constipation
  • Decreased libido
If you notice aching muscles, you should call your health care provider right away as this could be an indicator of a life threatening problem.
Common cholesterol medications to buy online

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