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AndroGel, also known as testosterone, is a hormone gel that is applied topically. It supplements and replaces testosterone that the body naturally makes. Testosterone is a male hormone that the body makes. It is necessary for many things that occur in the body. AndroGel is prescribed to help treat many conditions that men have as a result of the loss of their own naturally occurring testosterone.
Brand Name: Androgel | Generic Name: Testosterone Topical | Drug Category: Mens Health medications

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AndroGel - an overview

AndroGel prescription medication, also referred to as testosterone gel, has been approved for the treatment of low levels of testosterone in men due to many causes.
This medicine is a type of anabolic steroid and it belongs to the Schedule III controlled substances in the United States. This classification means that there are special regulations and laws to control the drug use and sale.

The manufacturer

Abbott Products, Inc. Is the maker of AndroGel. Abbott Laboratories also markets and distributes this medication.

What it does

AndroGel is made up of testosterone and comes out in a gel that patients apply once daily. This gel will then dry on your skin and the testosterone will be absorbed into the blood over the course of the next 24 hours. AndroGel is helpful in restoring normal levels of testosterone.
AndroGel is not meant to be taken by mouth because it wouldn't be effective at increasing testosterone levels that way. When a medicine is taken orally, it has to pass through your liver before it goes to the blood stream. The liver thoroughly breaks down testosterone before it can get to the blood, so it's not possible to boost the blood levels of testosterone in this way.
If testosterone is put on the skin, it can get past the liver, which allows large amounts of it to get to the blood stream.


Research has found that AndroGel can bring the levels of testosterone back to normal in as little as the first 24 hours of taking it. This medicine has been found to increase the strength of the bones, increase the sex drive and also offers improved erections. It can also help to boost the mood and ease tiredness with continued use.

Secondary Effects

AndroGel does have the potential to cause side effects like any medications. You should know that not every man that takes this medication will experience secondary effects. Most people do very well while taking it. If you do notice secondary effects, they are usually mild and usually require no treatment. Other serious secondary effects are not as common.
Some of the common secondary effects include:
  • Problems with the prostate that include enlarged prostate
  • Acne
  • Development of breasts
  • Reactions of the skin at the site of application

Generic forms of AndroGel

At this time, AndroGel is not available in generic form.
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