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Levemir is a synthetic variety of one hormone that the body makes on its own. It is effective because it works to lower glucose levels in the blood. This long acting type of insulin is a little different than other types of insulin because it is made by man. Levemir is used for the treatment of diabetes in children and adults.
Brand Name: Levemir | Generic Name: Insulin Detemir | Drug Category: Diabetes medications

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Levemir - What is it?

Levemir, active ingredient insulin detemir, is a medication that your doctor may prescribe to help treat both types: one and two diabetes. This is a long acting type of insulin which is meant to be taken one or two times daily.

Who is the maker?

Novo Nordisk is the maker of Levemir.


Studies have found that the once and twice daily form of this medication works much like the NPH insulin that is taken one or two times a day in both adults as well as children that have type one diabetes or in adults that have type two diabetes. These studies have also found that twice a day Levemir works much like the once a day insulin called Lantus, which is a long acting form of insulin, in adults that have type one diabetes.
Studies also seem to point to the thought that Levemir causes less weight gain when compared to those who are taking NPH or Lantus insulin, but more research is needed to confirm results like this.

Long acting insulin

Levemir is prescribed for the treatment of both type one and two diabetes. It is effective at helping to control the levels of blood sugar between your meals and while you're sleeping as Levemir is a long acting form of insulin.
In those who do not have diabetes, the long acting form of insulin - also called basal insulin - is made by the pancreas steadily throughout the day and night. This helps to keep the levels of blood sugar at a normal range between meals and overnight. When a person has diabetes, the pancreas cannot make enough insulin to keep the levels of blood sugar under control. Levemir is a long acting form of insulin that can help to keep your blood sugar levels under control for as long as 24 hours.
This may be given alone or together with other types of diabetes medications or with the faster acting bolus insulin.

Levemir when combined with diabetes oral medications

When you first find that you have diabetes, your health care provider may recommend that you exercise, plan your meals and take pills to help you keep your blood sugar under control. Diabetes pills may stop working after a while. It is thought that this is because of the way the pills work or because over time your diabetes may change. If you need to have more control over the levels of your blood sugar, your doctor might recommend that begin a combination treatment that includes your pills and Levemir.
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