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Testim is a topical type of testosterone that can help to treat conditions that men have which result from low levels of naturally occurring testosteronetim, also called testosterone gel, is a gel for the skin that is prescribed to help treat low levels of testosterone in men from different causes. This is a type of anabolic steroid, which makes it a controlled substance in the US, which makes it subject to regulations and laws regarding its use and sale.
Brand Name: Testim | Generic Name: Testosterone Enanthate | Drug Category: Mens Health medications

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The maker

Contract Pharmaceuticals Limited working for Auxilium Pharmaceuticals, Incorporated is the maker of Testim.

What it does

Testim is made of the active ingredient testosterone. It comes in the form of a gel that is applied to the skin. This medication helps to increase the levels of testosterone in men.
Testim comes in gel form and is not taken orally due to the fact that testosterone levels cannot be increased enough when taken as an oral form. Medications that are taken orally first pass through the lever to get to the blood stream. Since the liver breaks down testosterone thoroughly, it is usually not an effective way to get this hormone into the system. When Testim is applied to your skin it can skip the liver and allow for larger amounts of testosterone to get to the blood.

Secondary Testim Effects

All medications have the potential to cause side effects and the same is true with Testim. Not all people that take Testim will notice secondary effects because most men do quite well with it. If you happen to notice any side effects, they will likely not require treatment as they are most often mild. It is less common to see serious secondary effects.
Most common secondary effects might include:
  • Problems with the prostate, including enlarged prostate
  • Reactions with the skin at the site of application
  • High blood pressure

How to store it

This medication should be kept away from moisture and light at room temperature. Be sure that to keep all medicines out of the reach of pets and children.

Available strengths

There is only one strength for this medication: Available in 5 gram one time use tubes, Testim 1% gel.

Generic forms

At this time there is no generic form of Testim available.
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