Lortab Uses

Lortab is used in the treatment of pain that ranges from moderate to moderate severe. This medication has two active ingredients for use in easing pain. These ingredients include hydrocodone and acetaminophen. Lortab is most often used to treat pain that lasts for the short term, but has been used to treat migraines and chronic pain. Doctors will occasionally recommend uses for Lortab that are off-label including treatments of coughing and insomnia.

What is Lortab Used For

Lortab, or hydrocodone/APAP is a medication that is available only by prescription and has been approved for the treatment of pain that ranges from moderate to moderately severe. It comes in tablets and as elixir.
Most of the time, Lortab is used in the short-term pain treatment. This includes pain from surgeries, injuries or dental procedures. Once in a while it will be used in the treatment of chronic pain, migraines, cancer pain, and other pains that are chronic or caused from long-term illnesses that cause pain. Often, Lortab is used without a prescription or abused because one of the active ingredients is a narcotic (click on Lortab Abuse).
Lortab is a prescription medication that comes in tablet form or as an elixir. Tablets come in four different strengths, but the elixir comes in only one strength. This drug is taken orally most of the time at a time frame of four to six hours as the pain dictates.

How Lortab Works

Lortab is made up of two medications: Acetaminophen and Hydrocodone. Acetaminophen is used for pain relief and to reduce fevers and can be found in over the counter medicines including Tylenol. Hydrocodone is a narcotic that is semi-synthetic. It is an opioid pain reliever. Hydrocodone has a similar effect as codeine. Hydrocodone can effectively decrease pain and ease coughing, but it has also been shown to cause mood swings, mental fogginess and sleepiness. In the US, this medication is only available when combined with other medications, not in its pure form.
When hydrocodone is combined with acetaminophen it has been found to make the acetaminophen better at relieving pain and has been shown to make it more difficult to abuse the hydrocodone in the drug. This is because the acetaminophen can cause damage to the body when too much is taken. You should be sure to keep a close eye on the amount of acetaminophen you take while being treated with Lortab so you can avoid any kind of negative effects (click Lortab Drug Interactions and Lortab Dosage for additional information).

Used of Lortab in Children

Liquid Lortab or the Lortab elixir has been approved for the treatment of pain in children who are as young as two. It's important to know that Lortab tablets have not been approved for children to take. Discuss the risks and benefits of giving your child liquid Lortab before deciding on this course of treatment.

Other Uses for Lortab

Occasionally, your doctor might recommend that you consider taking Lortab for a medical condition that doesn't cause or include pain. These are known as off-label uses and they include:
  • Insomnia
  • Extreme coughing
Although some doctors have used Lortab for these conditions, most health care providers feel that there are better medicines that can be used to treat these problems.
Products containing hydrocodone/APAP, including Lortab products have been found to be frequently abused. They are easy to get and don't cost much, especially if generic form is used which makes it a favorite among pain medication abusers. Many people choose to get this medication illegally, including buying from other countries and online from places that don't require a prescription for this medication.
(Visit Lortab to find out more about how and when you should take Lortab and to get more information on Lortab Side Effects that are possible when being treated with this medication.)
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