Oxycodone medication is a common type of opioid and narcotic that is found in several prescription pain relievers. It is available by prescription only and considered a controlled substance. This mean there are special legal rules for prescribing the medicine and for obtaining it. The medicine can be found in several forms including tablets, capsules, and liquid.

Generic Name: Oxycodone
Oxycodone Other Names (Brand Meds): OxyContin, Endocet, Roxicodone, Magnacet, Oxyfast, Percocet, Percodan, Roxicet, Combunox, Tylox.

Side Effects of Oxycodone

Drowsiness, constipation, and nausea are a few of the commonly reported effects of oxycodone. There are others that are not as common. These include neck pain, migraines, stiff neck muscles, and difficulty urinating. You should know that some side effects can be potentially serious and these will require immediate medical aid. They include seizures, severe constipation, or feelings of confusion.

Oxycodone Uses

Oxycodone is approved for treating various types of pain. Those medications that contain oxycodone are often used for short-term pain as well as long-term pain treatment. Because it is a narcotic type opioid pain reliever, the drug oxycodone can cause different reactions within the body. These include pain relief, suppression of coughs, and also decreased breathing. Sometimes your doctor may prescribe the medication for certain uses which are not currently approved. This is called off-label uses. A few examples of off-label uses for oxycodone might include: treatment for shortness of breath; pain relief in children.

Oxycodone Dosage

Your doctor will recommend the best starting dosage for oxycodone, and this will be based on many factors. These factors include the particular oxycodone medicine you will be taking, any other medications that you might be taking, and medical conditions you have. Normally, your doctor will start you with a lower dose on a short-acting form of oxycodone medication. He or she may increase the dose if needed and if you can tolerate it. For those needing constant pain control, your healthcare provider can change over to long-acting oxycodone medications.

Oxycodone Interactions with other drugs

There are many medications that can cause dangerous drug interactions if taken with oxycodone. Some of these include various antihistamines, some antipsychotic medications, and several antidepressants. Also, you must not consume alcohol while you are taking this drug. Do so may result in increased risk of dangerous side effects. These can include extreme drowsiness, memory loss, sudden confusion, and difficulty breathing. You must tell your doctor before taking oxycodone all other medicines you are taking or plan to take.

Oxycodone Overdose Issues

Overdosing on oxycodone can be fatal. The possible overdose symptoms to look for are limp muscles, difficulty breathing, or heart failure. You must get medical attention immediately if you believe you have overdosed on this drug. Treatment for overdose can include pumping your stomach out, forced vomiting, administering an antidote, as well as providing supportive care.

Oxycodone Generic Brands

It is possible to find many different generic oxycodone medications. Virtually all medications that contain oxycodone as its main ingredient are now available as generic products. Generic versions that are of the combination type, those that contain aspirin or even the drug ibuprofen are available too. Many of the combination products that also contain acetaminophen can be found in generic form as well.

Oxycodone Addiction Issues

Users of this drug must understand that addiction is very possible with oxycodone. Doctors who prescribe this drug will almost always watch for addiction signs in their patients. These might include doctor shopping, which is going from one doctor to another trying to get new prescriptions. They also look for patients who go through their prescriptions too quickly. They also watch for those who report losing prescriptions on a repeated basis. Some of the other signs of addiction to be on the lookout for include: sudden secluded behavior, changes in friends and social circles, and lack of money.

Can I Buy Oxycodone On the Internet?

You can purchase Oxycodone online through a trusted legal pharmacy. You should look for a pharmacy that is a member of the Trusted Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites.
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