Percocet Addiction

It can be difficult to determine whether someone using Percocet is having trouble with addiction. Physical illness, mental illness and other various conditions can also produce symptoms similar to that of Percocet addiction. The signals to look out when determining Percocet addiction include secluded behavior, inexplicable shortage of money and unusual mood changes. If someone you know or love is suspected of Percocet addiction be sure to notify his or her health professional immediately.

An Overview of Percocet Addiction

Percocet is a pain relief drug only available by prescription. Also, because it is a narcotic and an extremely desirable drug, it often is abused. It is common for many people to become addicted to Percocet. However, distinguishing Percocet addiction from other medical issues, such as mental illness or inadequate pain management, can be difficult.

Identifying Addiction to Percocet

People who do not receive sufficient pain control often can show signs that replicate Percocet addiction. For example, when prescription medication is not powerful enough to control someone's pain, they may display unusual behavioral changes resulting from their pain.
Alternatively, it could also be from taking Percocet more often than prescribed. Often people who are becoming addicted to a drug use the excuse of inadequate pain control to acquire more drugs. If you have any issues regarding inadequate pain relief be sure to discuss them with your doctor. Symptoms of addiction are also similar to those of mental illness.

Percocet Addiction Symptoms

Addicts are very clever at masking their addiction especially when a steady supply of Percocet is available to them. Usually they will need to take the drug every 4 to 6 hours, so keeping a hidden supply nearby is necessary, as well as a continuous source of the drug. At this stage of addiction, they would completely depend on Percocet and lack of access to the drug would cause illness. The signs of addiction do become more obvious once the addict is unable to get sufficient amounts of the drug.
Without continual and repetitive use, Percocet Withdrawal is likely to begin in as little as 24 hours. This will usually appear as periodic flu like symptoms. To cure this problem more Percocet is required. When cravings for the drug increase, the lengths to which a user will go to source the drug intensify. Some addicts will go to extremes, faking illness or even injuring themselves to source a prescription. Although most addicts are capable of hiding their addiction, they usually come unstuck when they resort to using illegal methods to acquire more of the drug.
Healthcare professionals are usually very careful, watching out for addictive signs in patients when prescribing Percocet. Signs of addiction will include:
  • Using the drug prescriptions too quickly
  • "Doctor shopping" - seeing many different doctors in an effort to sourcen Percocet prescriptions
  • Using excuses such as needing an extra prescription for use on vacation, losing a prescription, or reporting the prescription stolen.
  • The need for a specific narcotic drug and refusing to accept an alternative.
Family and friend should keep a watchful eye for indications of Percocet addiction, such as:
  • Shortage of money for no apparent reason
  • Changing friends and removing from old social groups
  • Lying, stealing or being dishonest
  • Spending a lot of time in isolation
  • Odd mood or behavioral changes
Physical symptoms also present themselves with an addiction. However, these symptoms can be difficult to differentiate from the normal Percocet dependence symptoms. Normal dependency symptoms occur with every case of extended Percocet use, including normal non-abusive use.

Treatment of Percocet Addiction

There is no definite treatment that cures Percocet addiction, however, there are many treatments available that are still effective. Both outpatient and inpatient rehabilitation and detoxification programs are now available and an effective form of treatment.
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